Are you fighting to find time to write due to work and family commitments? Maybe you have health issues that zap your energy or perhaps you’re going through major life changes, such as a bereavement or a break up which have left you low in creative confidence. However, it could also be that you’re wrestling with writing a long project and feel confused or you’ve had a tough run of rejections and are losing faith.

I’ve been through all the above situations and I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to find a way to thrive as a writer, even in the toughest times. The Hectic Writer video series, which I’ll be sharing weekly from now on, is all about the various hacks and perspective shifts we can use to ensure that we keep in touch with our writing life in the midst of the storms – and how we can, in turn, use our creativity to keep us going and even bring us joy when things gets hard.

This week, it’s all about the love!

In this video, I talk about how we can reconnect with our love for writing and use this as fuel to get back to the page, no matter our circumstances. I’ve found that if life gets tricky and we face creative or personal trials, our creativity can be one of the first casualties and, when we lose touch with that, we effectively lose a really important and joyful part of ourselves – a part we desperately need to get through the hard stuff.

I’ve heard that you and writing have a thing going on.

In this video, I invite you to explore exactly what you love about writing and the good that it’s brought into your life, so you can begin to recognise anew its significance and the way it can be a source of happiness for you, even if everything else is going wrong!

I always encourage my writing clients to try to keep the publishing side of literary life separate from the writing as it’s the only way to stay sane and, by getting back in touch with the joy of writing, you will become more resilient in the face of all obstacles, whether personal or creative.

Once I knew I would carry on writing novels forever, even if I was never published, just because I loved creating books, I finally broke through the barriers that held back the publication of my first novel, Welcome to Sharonville, for over a decade because love is a powerful force as it emboldens you and gives you strength you never knew you had. 

I hope this video helps you reengage with the love you have for writing, especially if you’re finding it hard to make the time to write or if your creative spirits are low for whatever reason. 

If you want to see this exercise in print, you can get a free copy of The Hectic Writer’s Handy Workbook here.

Now grab a notebook and let the writing lurve fill your heart!