What I believe

I believe in women’s amazing literary talents.

I believe in the right for women to express their gifts and have their work published and appreciated.

I believe women’s stories can change the world.
I believe there has not been a time in recent history when it has been so necessary to share our views and experience.

I believe ALL women’s voices deserve to be heard, including those of the LGBT and CIS communities, and no matter what race, religion, geography, health or disability level, socioeconomic background or age you are. We stand together.

I believe if you feel you are a woman, you ARE one – no matter what biology or society might say. Trans girls … hello, beautifuls!
I believe that if you define yourself as non-binary that should be respected.

I believe we need to stop being demonised for being ambitious and determined as that’s often what’s needed to become a successful writer and bring positive change to our lives and communities.

I believe things are often tougher for us as women, but we can still live out our personal and creative dreams and show others what is possible for them.

I believe we each can leave an astounding personal and literary legacy.

I believe we can all live fully whilst we are alive, giving our unique talents expression.

I believe our ability to access emotion and communicate make us kick ass writers.

I believe we need to realise just how gifted we are and stop beating ourselves up.

I believe in sisterhood, always, and offering support and encouragement to each other – in cooperation, rather than competition.

I believe there are also men who have had enough of the patriarchal BS and I want them to join us and help us rise. Queer guys, bi-guys, non-traditional straight guys … you’re all welcome here! (There’s nothing sexier than a male feminist!)

I believe we all have differences, but we also have deep common experiences that can make us a force to be reckoned with.

I believe in equality in all ways. Because, duh, why not, right?

I believe women should not be so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of work and family that they never get to express their literary talents.

I believe women need to make their creativity a priority if it’s something that makes their soul sing.

I believe women need to make themselves more of a priority in their lives, full-stop.

I believe women need to get past the cultural conditioning which makes speaking out so hard for us as bold self-expression is part of being a writer.

I believe we need to stop playing small – our smarts and hearts are too big hide and the world needs them so badly now.

I believe we need to stop playing the no-win game patriarchy has us in – we’re always too much or too little of something, so we may as well be ourselves.

I believe that women’s power to form communities and friendships can keep us strong in these turbulent times and help us write powerful things.

I believe writing is never trivial and that we are writers if we write – end of story.

I believe that women make up the majority of those who attend writing workshops and who seek editorial feedback on their work and that the publishing world should reflect this.

I believe women should be to feel free to write in whatever genre they like without being demeaned or attacked – genre should not be gendered.

I believe women should be able to speak their truths without getting sexist mansplaining or even death and rape threats!

I believe in meaningful and lasting recovery from addiction, abuse, overwork, rape, perfectionism, mental illness, poverty and all the things which hold us back and I believe writing can help with that healing.

I believe writing can transform us and our lives. (And, if all else fails, there’s always cats!)

I believe in having hope for the road ahead, personally and creatively.

I believe we can succeed, no matter where we are at now or what someone may have told us or how dark the world may seem.

I believe we can. And I believe you do too.

I believe we need to say no to society’s focus on women’s relationships and looks and concentrate on developing our intellect and creativity instead.



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