Kinds Words from my Clients
Sharon is a marvel – each session has given me exactly what I needed at the time and I’m so glad I decided to work with her as her coaching has helped me achieve my long-held dream of having a literary agent. REBECCA ANN SMITH


Sharon came into my life at exactly the right time. As “chance” would have it, we got together right when I was in that eternal writer’s struggle of, “Do I really have what it takes?” With her signature blend of wit, vivacity, and no-holds-barred honesty, Sharon at once restored my faith in myself and reignited my passion for my work, while still truthfully preparing me for the road ahead. She is a gem and a blessing to writers everywhere. LINDSAY MAXFIELD


I would highly recommend Sharon to any person who either has a dream to write a book or someone who has already come up with their concept and draft because she is a very supportive, enthusiastic and skilled book coach. Sharon helps you to increase your confidence in your book ideas and the advice and guidance Sharon provided me has been insanely useful. Sharon has also been very motivating to me personally.



I feel so energetic and inspired by Sharon! She had so many good ideas and suggested so many new resources for me to delve into. And she listened to all of my fears!

I would recommend Sharon to women who are at any stage of the writing process because she’s been there and has excellent coaching skills. I have an academic background too, so Sharon’s experience in the same world was really helpful to me. DR CAITLIN FAAS


Before working with Sharon, I could easily see how "writing a book" could just stay on someone's to-do list for years and years.

I now have a writing practice that is tailored to me and that I am excited about. Sharon's writing prompt ideas and help with the structure of my book were brilliant (THANK YOU!!). I had no idea how to even go about organizing it, but she was able to swoop in and give me direction on how to get started right away.

Sharon is very open, easy to talk to, encouraging and supportive. It was so refreshing. I felt there was no judgement at all about where I currently was or was not in the process.





I think anyone who is unsure of how to get started with writing a book or how to get published will benefit from working with Sharon. I came into coaching really confused and left with a much clearer understanding of how to move forward. Sharon gave me some concrete action steps so that I may begin to develop a consistent writing habit – steps that were clear, simple and easy for me to implement. Sharon’s insights into the publishing industry are extremely valuable too. It makes a lot of sense to have someone guiding you along who has “been there, done that”. MILLETTE JONES


I came to work with Sharon when I was looking for support with the submission process. She helped me to keep believing and not to get bogged down by it. Sharon is so upbeat and positive – I still have the bookmark listing all the positive signs about my writing, which came out of one of our sessions. It’s great to have a knowledgeable and experienced author and mentor on your side.



Sharon is an empowered woman who wants to empower other women.  I was having a crisis of confidence, despite having two other books published, and now I can imagine the first reader picking it up and saying, ‘Wow, I really needed to hear this.’

Sharon is different – sassy, vibrant and with a belief in women’s abilities. She also knows that women, especially as we get older, are not always heard, but we have BIG VOICES when pushed.



It is wonderful being coached by Sharon – she is warm, funny, compassionate, non- judgemental and incredibly supportive and caring. She also has lots of ideas and suggestions and incorporates her learning with Martha Beck and others into her coaching style, making it powerful, transformational and fun! C.S.


The time I have with Sharon is time when I really focus on what I want to do, where I want my creativity to take me, how to make that happen and enjoy it. Sharon’s own flexibility and imagination really help me to open my mind to opportunities that I might not see without her suggestions and gentle guidance. I feel very much that Sharon gives me a personal response, the opposite of a “one size fits all” approach – she really listens and doesn’t try to steer me in any kind of “correct” direction. I hope I will have Sharon’s help in a whole range of areas as I start to write more regularly, with better focus and maybe higher productivity. A.M.


The sessions were containing and energising. I got a sense that Sharon understood my situation and my dilemmas. Sharon was full of ideas and techniques that I could apply to help me think things through and cope better.
It was very useful for me that Sharon was both a life coach and a writer, because in the session we could address all aspects of my life and help them knit together.

Thank you, Sharon!


I was feeling a little nervous before our coaching session, but Sharon was incredibly encouraging and calming. By the end of the session, I was feeling a lot more confident in my ideas and my writing and in my ability to find a way to publish my writing in book form in ways that serve me, my work, and my income. I can't wait to get stuck in! I would highly recommend Sharon's services, especially to writers who need a confidence boost.



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