How I Work

Having trained as a life coach with Martha Beck, much of my approach includes using her fascinating and very practical tools. However, because I work mainly with writers, I always ask new clients what they want from me in terms of input about my own writing and editing experiences (i.e. whether they want mentoring as part of their sessions – i.e. sharing my own professional and artistic experiences) or whether they’d just like me to stick to using the tools, which is primarily what coaching involves.

My coaching sessions usually take place over the phone or Skype, though without video, because I don’t want my clients to feel they need to tidy up or dress up to enjoy a session with me! I also offer online coaching, via e-mail or messenger for those who hate talking on the phone or who are just too busy to fit hour long calls into their schedule, so if you see a coaching package you like, but you want to have it with e-coaching, instead of calls, just let me know in the booking notes. That way we can either chat ‘live’ online at the allotted time of our appointment or I can start off our e-mail coaching conversation at that point (two lengthy e-mails across a week constitutes an hour of coaching).

I often set my clients tasks to work on or things to ponder between sessions and I am available via e-mail to support them with any issues which arise.

In case you are wondering, I have coached clients from the US, Canada and across Europe, so your timezone is no obstacle!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Curious about coaching? Check out my programmes here.

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