Being feminist means not judging another woman for an abortion – whether you’d ever have one or not.

Being feminist means not judging another woman for not having kids – or having them.

Being feminist means not looking down your nose at a woman with less money or education than you as money or degrees do not mean you’re smarter or more successful in life in the key ways humans need to be – that is, good people who empower others.

Being feminist means owning our privilege and realising that much of our benefits in life come from the work of those less powerful than us all around the world and who went before.

Being feminist means believing in the potential and talents of other women, even if they’re right at the start of their journeys, and offering encouragement and practical support.

Being feminist means we become aware of how our choices of companies, social media, apps, clothes, everything as these are powerful tools for effecting change via capitalism and so working to no longer support the effective slavery of other women to permit our luxury or to feed our money to .coms who’ve never seen a woman or person of colour in leadership.

Being feminist means not being racist or xenophobic to women of other cultures, religions and ethnicities – whether you agree with burkas or Christianity or beings from Mars or not.

Being feminist means not judging women in abusive relationships – or those who have left them – thinking you would’ve left and know better.

Being feminist means not judging other women on how big or fat or thin their bodies are or whether they have plastic surgery or wear make up or sexy clothes or are vegan or not.

Being feminist means not judging someone’s sexual identity, partners or choices.

Being feminist means becoming aware of sex trafficking and paedophilia and fight against it, but not judging sex workers, strippers or pole dancers or models for their careers.

Being feminist means not staying out of the fight when our white, rich ass privilege means we’re less affected by oppressive patriarchy in the ways marginalised women and peoples are and have more power to do something.

Being feminist means not hating men, but doing what we can to take down a toxic masculinity which destroys guys’ lives as well as our own.

Being feminist means believing women assault and harassment survivors and abused kids.

Being feminist means not judging yourself and allowing internalised patriarchy to run the show.

Being feminist means loving ourselves and other women.

Not feeling superior, better, worse – comparison and competition come from a model of fighting for male attention and, beyond high school, there’s no room for that.