Last month, I had the great experience of speaking to a range of amazing women writers who are working in the fields of coaching, blogging, healing and entrepreneurship as part of my research into how I will support non-fiction authors in my new feminist writing coaching practice. Some of them had a clear idea of what they wanted to write about, whilst some were still collecting Post It notes and scribbles. Some of them were looking for a traditional publishing deal and some were considering self-publishing. Their topics of interest spannned from memoir to podcasting to consensual kink, communities and belonging and everything in between. To say I had a ball speaking to these fabulous, brilliant women is an understatement! But what they all had in common was a burning desire to share their insights and knowledge with a world that so desperately needs their wisdom and they needed support to not only write and structure their work, but to also navigate the publishing industry and deal with the fears that arise when we dare to play big and become visible.

As some of you may know, I’m on a mission to get more women’s books written, published and out there changing the world. I want to shatter the literary glass ceiling, one book at a time, and talking to these incredible gals made me even more determined to do all I can.

Hence, whilst my website is ungoing its feminist rebranding this month, I’m going to be offering one-off, low cost lightning writing coaching sessions in which writers can brainstorm their book ideas with me, get help with structuring their projects, figure out how to find time to write, even in the midst of a crazy life, grab a confidence boost, discuss going for the book deal or self-publishing … or whatever else is weighing them down, confusing the heck out of them or getting in the way of their creativity. If you want clarity, encouragement, inspiration and practical ideas – I’m your gal. Whether you’re writing fiction, memoir or a business or self-development book, I have the skills and experience to help you get to the next stage.

I want to help women writers of all backgrounds to succeed and, this August, I’m providing a way to get coached with me and move your writing to the next level, so grab it whilst I’m going cheap, ha, ha! To book a session, just click here.

Here’s what some kind folks have said about working with me:

‘Sharon is a marvel – each session has given me exactly what I needed at the time and I’m so glad I decided to work with her as her coaching has helped me achieve my long-held dream of having a literary agent.’

‘I feel so energetic and inspired by Sharon. I’d recommend her for women who are at any stage of the writing process because she’s been there and has excellent coaching skills.’

‘I was feeling a little nervous before our coaching session, but Sharon was incredibly encouraging and calming. By the end of the session I was feeling a lot more confident in my ideas and my writing, and in my ability to find a way to publish my writing in book form in ways that serve me, my work, and my income. … I can’t wait to get stuck in! I would highly recommend Sharon’s services, especially to writers who need a confidence boost.’