It took me ten years to get my first novel, Welcome to Sharonville, published.

It wasn’t just getting rejections from agents and conflicting feedback from editors which paralysed me and led to to me putting a MS which later was longlisted for The Guardian First Book Award in a drawer for two whole years.

It was about all the other stuff that came at me too – life stuff, which wasn’t about writing, but which impacted my confidence and creativity.

Multiple major bereavements; chronic, disabling illness; a protracted, bitter divorce, followed by a mountainous break up and soul-crushing poverty.

I don’t write this to get sympathy, but simply to show that I understand that literary success depends on much more than talent – it depends on our circumstances and our ability to be resilient and rise above them.

It depends on us staying creative and believing in ourselves and our projects.


My work now as a writing coach is all about helping authors to thrive and reach their particular creative goals – whether that’s publication or just the joy of writing stuff which no one else will see – despite all that life hurls at us.

Because if I managed to become a writer, with all that was thrown at me, I know you can too. And I know how to help you get closer to your creative dreams as well.

I’ll be sharing some of the insights and exercises which kept me going long enough to see my book published in my free writing challenge, #writingmojomarch, which is launching next Monday, March 6th.    

Participants will receive ten emails to help them get their creative juices flowing again when facing some of the key issues which can leave our writing mojo rusty, as well as access to a supportive Facebook group.

You can join up either by popping your email in the black dropdown box at the top of the page or you can find out more about the challenge and complete the sign up form here.

Are you determined to stay creative and keep going with your writing NO MATTER WHAT?

Then come and be part of this community of dedicated scribes of all kinds – I look forward to meeting you on March 6th!