What would be your ideal writing day, if anything were possible? Would you be writing full-time? Would you be winning major prizes, topping the bestseller charts, living in Paris?

In this week’s video, I ask you to dream on the page about what exactly your Ideal Writing Day would look like, setting down everything in vivid detail, from morning to night. This is an adaptation of my coaching mentor Martha Beck’s concept of the Ideal Day which she uses to help clients discover what would truly make them happy.

After exploring this ideal writing day over the next two weeks in order to put you in touch with your real desires as a writer, we’ll begin to look at small, but practical steps you can take towards making this a reality over the rest of the series – no matter how hectic your life is right now! (Part of my ideal writing life involves living by the sea – there’s a picture I took recently above!)

If you want to follow along with this exercise in print, you can download a free copy of The Hectic Writer’s Handy Workbook and make it your own!




I’d love to hear about your visions for your Ideal Writing Day, so please feel free to share them with me via social media, using the hashtag #hecticwriters, or more privately in the Hectic Writers group on Facebook. You can also email me or even book a free 30 minute ‘Writing Breakthrough’ coaching session to discuss your writing dreams.

I also have a whopping THIRD off my coaching and mentoring packages until January 31st (for just a few more days!), so if you want to work with me to make your Ideal Writing Day a reality, now is a very good time!

Looking forward to seeing you next Friday when I discuss how to make an Ideal Writing Day vision board!