Apologies, lovelies, for being quiet, but I am recovering from bronchitis and I was stuck in London for a while as I couldn’t travel! I am on the mend now though and back smashing the patriarchy!


I wanted to let you know I am setting up a low cost monthly online feminist writing workshop as a beta run for the Feminist Writing School I am officially launching in May, starting the first class in late February.


The workshops will be shorter than my usual day in-person retreats which I ran for almost a decade (on top of being an English Lit academic) and will offer again soon in London and Brighton too (so let me know if you’d prefer attending sessions there), but I am thinking we’d have a workshop on something like Zoom or even via a Facebook group live so people could ask questions or share work if they wanted as in a real world class.


As you know, I am on a mission to get more women’s books written, published and out there changing the world and this online workshop format would allow me support women all over the world, as well as people who find it hard to get out to in person classes due to health or anxiety issues.


Plus I know women are busy as heck and getting childcare or even dogsitters can be challenging!


These beta sessions will also allow me to explore what would serve women writers best in terms of honing their craft, inspiring creativity, building their confidence and propelling their careers to the next level via the Feminist Writing School.


My classes are known to be full of laughter, with a supportive atmosphere and writers of all levels of experience and topics of interest are welcome to join as I’m initially going to make the workshops relevant to all, before developing specific modules with a more specific focus when I officially launch the FWS.


This is a great chance to meet women writers all over the world, creating community which we badly need as female authors, and to also get support for your literary pursuits from me at a low cost. The price will go up when I officially launch the Feminist Writing School in May, but I want the February, March and April workshops to be reasonable to reflect the fact that I am also using them explore how best to support women writers in my future online and in person workshops and retreats.


I am creating the Feminist Writing School after being inspired by Judy Chicago’s art school for women in the 70s and I am determined that it will meet the specific needs of women writing within our current patriarchy and be unlike any writing school for that reason!


If you are interested, just pop a comment below or contact me here and I’ll send you the details as soon as they’re ready (before the end of January) and we’ll get started at the end of February!


I am so excited to be teaching again as I LOVE it! I hope to get to know some of you better in these workshops and get your writing moving forward, so we can push patriarchy from the page!