This week, I invite you to look at your written account of your Ideal Writing Day and your vision board, if you made one, to pick out the elements that seem the most important and inspiring to you. These are clues to your real creative dreams and will allow you to follow the right writing path for you.

Julia Cameron points out that if we get creative success and we wanted critical praise as an author, or vice versa, we will remain dissatsfied, so it’s crucial to work out exactly what our North Star is so we don’t end up getting the wrong kind of creative success.

I also think no big dreams come to pass without us being conscious of them, so it’s wonderfully empowering if we can come up with a clear vision for our creative future – a vision that can keep us going when life gets tough and act as our map on dark nights.

But we need to go gently, as I point out in this video and its companion, The Hectic Writer’s Handy Workbook, which you can download for free. Even so, we can get closer towards our imagined Ideal Writing Day, little by little, if we have determination, patience and self-compassion.






I hope you enjoyed this video and it helps you examine your Ideal Writing Day with an attitude of kindness towards yourself and with excitement about your creative future in your heart.

I totally believe that we can all progress in the direction of our creative dreams – if we take turtle steps and go gently.

I’d love to hear about your experience of reflecting on your Ideal Writing Day – you can connect with me via this website or you can get in touch with me via social media by sharing the #hecticwriters hashtag or coming to join the Hectic Writers Facebook group.

If you’re not sure what to do next now you’ve found you’re Ideal Writing Day, you can book one of the free 30 minute ‘Writing Breakthrough’ sessions I’m currently offering or check out my coaching and mentoring packages.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing a new video with you next Friday in which we’ll start to make your literary vision a reality!