How I can help you get your amazing ideas onto the page





I’m on a mission to get more women’s books written, published and out there changing the world, so I’m totally motherfucking delighted that you’re joining the sisterhood of scribes!


We need more brilliant, woke women getting their ideas, stories and opinions down in this era of idiocracy, spreading a powerful message of hope and healing and basically kicking some racist, sexist and homophobic ass, as is sadly needed at this time.


Starting writing is the beginning of a wonderful journey into your creativity, imagination, intellect and soul. You’re going to discover so much about yourself and others as you grow in your craft and the mama writer bear in me is already tearing up thinking of you finishing your first book and holding that beautiful thing in your hands.


I’m proud of you already.


(You just need to pinky swear to send me a signed copy!)


I work with new writers all the time and I love the enthusiasm and energy they bring to their literary work.


They sense that anything is possible in the writing life.


And it is.


As someone whose first novel is currently being pitched as a TV series, I know this for a freakin’ fact. It may not be an easy road (it took me a decade to get my debut novel published), but miracles DO happen in the creative life if you work hard and persist. So keep on dreamin’, my kitties!


However, I also know that it can be hard to establish a writing routine which suits you when you’re starting out, especially in the midst of a crazy busy life (and who doesn’t have one of those these days?). When you’re new to the scribbling game, it can be hard to know too what times of day and places stir your creativity and you may even wonder whether you have to write every day to be a ‘real author’ (the answer is ‘Nope’).


It can also be tough to set about planning a major writing project like a novel, memoir or non-fiction book, all of which have their own kind of narrative arcs, even if they are constructed in different ways. Some people need a brainstorming partner to get all their Post It note chaos down, whereas others would like more long-term support to plan their book and begin to write.

This is why I’ve created three special support packages for my new writer clients.


Just click the button below which best fits your needs.