97% of books that are started aren't finished - let's make sure you stay the course


I’m so happy to know that you’re out there scribbling and typing too!

I’m on a freakin’ mission to get more women’s books written, published and out there changing the world, so nothing feels my heart with more delight than the idea of all my brilliant, brave sisters getting their stories and insights onto the page and generally slaying!

After all, the world sorely needs our diverse voices and insights right now to wake the fuck up!



I think there are various reasons why this happens, including a lack of time or forward planning, but I believe it’s also about an unmet need for support and gentle accountability. Writing a book is fun, but it’s also a commitment and not for the faint of heart, so most if us need someone to be our cheerleader, but to also teaching us craft skills and compassionately challenging us to be the best writers we can be.

If we consider too that women are culturally trained to stay quiet and not ruffle any feathers, worrying about others’ needs, but not their own, it is easy see why the major act of self-expression involved in writing a book is enough to bring even the most amazing gals out in hives!

Writing a book means playing effing big and this is not something we’re encouraged to do. Add to this the two hours a day plus of extra domestic work and childcare women engage in which men don’t, as well as holding down jobs, and it’s easy to see why a lot of fabulous novels, memoirs and non-fiction books by female authors grind to a halt.

I think that’s a tragedy for any author (how painful is it to give up a dream or not use our talents?), but also the world at large which desperately needs that woman’s ideas, imagination, humour and spirit. After all, most of us have had our mood lifted or even our lives saved or redirected by a book, so that means someone out there badly needed that woman’s words and now they won’t get to read them.

To me, that’s not good enough. Not for that woman author and not for her potential audience either.

I know all about how difficult it can be to complete a book as illness, bereavements, divorce and poverty all meant that it took me ten years to get my debut novel, Welcome to Sharonville, published.

But things turned a corner for me when I found a writing coach – soon after receiving her support and editorial comments on my work, I got a publishing deal.

So now I know what a career-changing difference such writing coaching can have on an author’s career, I’m determined to ‘pay it forward’ and support writers to get their novels, memoirs and book proposals done.

I always cry when I type ‘The End’. Let’s get you to that point as well.

You deserve to be one of the 3% who finish their books.

And this world deserves the unique wisdom that only you can bring.

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