Get Your Writing Mojo Back

The ‘Get Your Writing Mojo Back’ Coaching Sessions

For writers who want to stop procrastinating and get their creative juices flowing again

Have you been procrastinating so much that cleaning looks appealing? Been away from your book so long due to the busyness of the rest of your life that your characters no longer recognise you? Not sure you have the energy to send out yet another submission package to agents and publishers?

Well, if so, this coaching only package is for you!

Designed to put the spring back into your step after time away from your writing or during a challenging period in your creative life, our bi-monthly coaching sessions will increase your confidence and motivation, as well as dealing with time management and any other practical or emotional issues which may be getting in the way of your creativity. These sessions provide valuable encouragement, so you can get back to pursuing your writing dreams with joy.

You can take this as a three or six session package, depending on how long you’d like someone to walk alongside you as you skate back to being the writer you were born to be.


1 payment of £250.00/$315.00



1 payment of £500.00/$630.00



1 payment of £200.00 + two monthly payments of £175 (TOTAL £550/$690)


Procrastinating about joining up?

That’s fine – why not take a complimentary 30 minute ‘Writing Breakthrough’ session with me and we’ll look at those wobbles together!

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